Eurobike Award Winner


CLIX® received the Eurobike Award for Innovation, one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bike industry. Eurobike Awards are given to new product designs that exhibit a high level of innovation, functionality, quality and sustainability.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Design quality
  • Workmanship
  • Choice of materials
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Functionality
  • Ergonomics
  • Utility Value
  • Safety
  • Brand value / Branding

For a person unfamiliar with bicycle quick-releases, Clix is simpler. Users don’t need to touch the adjusting nut; proper clamping force is always realized and the lever cannot be improperly used as wingnut.

However, Clix may also appeal to a cyclist already versed in the use of a QR because it’s faster than using a traditional QR and a fork with lawyer tabs. Clix sent us samples to try and, though initially skeptical, we have to admit: the system is fast and easy to use.

Bicycling Magazine

Montague have developed a really innovative quick release system that is literally fool-proof.

Fitting the wheel American-style means putting the wheel in place, adjust the preset bolt, close the lever. It means constant fiddling with the correct preset length, and closing force.

The new Montague system has a preset bolt with a locknut (for which a spanner is needed), with a spring-loaded cup on the other side between the lever and the dropout. The forks to be used in combination with the Montague QR will have flat faces, with shallow indents each side that match the preset bolt and the cup under the lever. Thus even the most careless American can clip in the wheel, close the lever (or not) and demonstrate the effectiveness of the retaining properties.

Bike Europe

Unlike a current two-sided quick release that requires adjustment on both sides, the Montague System disengages with a strong manual push on just one side of the hub. The system re-engages with an audible sound, letting the user know that the wheel is locked. Once the wheel is locked, it will not disengage even if the release is left open.

With Pacific throwing its weight behind Montague’s design and other suppliers interested in spec’ing it, the almost 80-year run of Campagnolo’s original quick-release could be coming to a close.

Bicycling Magazine

Once the QR is installed, there is no longer any need to adjust it ever again. This one handed operation is correct every time. That is the beauty of the entire system. You no longer have to adjust the tightness of the skewer every time you reinstall the wheel.

Another great feature of this system (that you can also see in the video) is that if the lever ever releases while riding, the wheel can not leave the dropouts. I released the lever and hit the top of the wheel repeatedly, and the wheel never came close to falling out of the dropouts.

I am of the firm belief that QR’s are not suitable for today’s mountain bikes, but the Clix Wheel System is by far the best out of the bunch.