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CLIX Quick Release Granted Broad Patent Coverage

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The U.S. Patent Office has granted a patent covering CLIX Systems, Inc.’s new wheel quick release. The patent includes claims for “secondary retention that is automatically engaging when the wheel enters the wheel mounts” as well as a system where “the primary locking system and the secondary retention system may be exclusively operated for wheel removal on one and the same side of the wheel”. In addition, the patent claims also cover the “method” of operation of these systems. The CLIX quick release is currently used by Trek, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, a number of Accell Group companies and Louis Garneau, among others.

“We believe this is an important patent for the industry” said David Montague, President of CLIX and inventor of the system. “Quick release wheels are a popular feature found on most quality bicycles, but adjusting cam tension can be challenging. CLIX eliminates the need for cam tension adjustment each time, so the consumer simply clicks the wheel onto the fork, and throws the lever – no adjustment needed.” Joe Vadeboncoeur, Director of Product Development of Trek said “We’ve been using CLIX on a number of our bikes for several years now and, among the other benefits the system offers, our dealers appreciate not having to try to teach consumers how to properly adjust cam tension. With CLIX, the clamping force is very consistent every time it is used.”

CLIX is adjusted initially by the dealer, then the adjustment is locked, and no further adjustment is needed each time the wheel is removed. Montague explains his new system is “great for recreational cyclist, because it is operated with one hand on one side of the bike, and great for enthusiasts, because it allows for a very quick wheel swap.”

New Quick Release Gaining Popularity

CAMBRIDGE, MA – CLIX Wheel Release Systems® announced a revolutionary new wheel release system, called CLIX®. For the first time ever, riders are able to install and lock their front wheel with no cam adjustment, and with only one hand.

The traditional quick release was invented in 1927 and is a safe and effective system when operated correctly. However, correct operation is not inherently obvious to all riders. The problem can occur when the rider spins the quick release lever like a ‘wing nut’ until it is tightened, rather than operating it properly like a quick release cam. This gives the impression that the wheel is safely fastened when it is not. With the new CLIX system, the rider does not need to tighten the system by turning it. The rider simply closes the lever in one motion.

Chris Hornung, former C.E.O. of Pacific Cycle, North America’s largest bicycle company, states that CLIX is “… the greatest advance in wheel removal and retention the bicycle industry has seen since the invention of the traditional quick release system.” Clix is now being shipped to dealers worldwide. The award winning CLIX system is designed to make the front wheel quick release easier, and more intuitive to use. Riders can now remove the front wheel with the one hand – with no spinning of the adjustment nut. Jonathan Vandenberg, Sales Manager, states “There will be a very short learning curve for retailers and cyclist because the CLIX system is very similar design from traditional quick release.”

Once the dealer has properly adjusted CLIX, no quick release adjustment is required each time the wheel is removed and installed. There are worldwide patents pending on the CLIX system.

CLIX Wheel Release Systems is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to advancing cycling though the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Visit or call toll free 617-491-7200 for more information.

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